Our Management Team

Jon Brewer
Director of Construction

31 years experience
Jon owns a huge number of antique tools. His favorites are turn of the century German hammers. He is reputed to have the largest collection of levels in the continental United States. Home Depot may vote him man of the year.
Bill Bergenthal
Senior Project Manager
35 years experience

Bill is commonly known as MFA. The reason is twofold; one so we don't confuse him with our other Bill and two, he has a Master of Fine Arts degree and taught sculpture. Discussing esthetic details of either the exterior or interior of a home with Bill poses a health risk; he often gets overcome and needs portable oxygen.
Patrick Greenwood
Senior Project Manager
24 years experience

As an industry crossover manager inspired by the great John Wooden, Patrick’s ability to get things done quickly but not fast is matched by few. Mountain Dew is considering him for an advertising mini-series.
Rafael Segovia
Senior Project Manager
22 years experience

Rafael was the only kid in his third grade class to write a composition entitled, “Why I want to be a builder”. His hobbies include, but are not limited to, studying architectural plans for forward thinking homes as well as complex framing techniques.

We wish a special thanks to our core group of multi-talented Craftsman whom we've been lucky enough to keep together as a team for many years. While we have spots open for their kids, we hope they all become architects, scientists or doctors.

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